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Some of the sites don’t have have bylines, but others do. Using LinkedIn, I looked up the authors listed on the sites that list an author. Each author runs a local digital marketing firm. So this effort could be an elaborate way to acquire lead generations, or acquire clients. But what doesn’t sit well with me is that these sites are a) not identifying their use of AI when they use AI and b) summarizing actual local journalists’ material (and taking their photos.)
The day spa offers nail treatments, facials and massages, and now includes a salt cave in North Raleigh. According to Padgett, the cave is a warm room with crushed salt on the floor and salt blocks on the walls. She purchased 10 tons of Himalayan salt rocks from Poland, which were shipped on a boat to Virginia and inspected for 10 days before being transported to North Raleigh by truck. The entire endeavor, construction included, cost $120,000.