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Unnecessarily difficult: Physical activity resources for adults are loaded with jargon -- ScienceDaily

They found that more than 50 percent of the materials, which included a range of topics such as physical activity and exercise ideas, technical instruction and management of specific health conditions, were written above an eighth-grade reading level, the maximum recommended for accessibility. Only 2.5 percent were written for optimal reading levels, which is fifth-grade or lower. In the second paper, Thomas, Flay and Cardinal examined 14 studies published between 1992 and the present, which when combined, had reviewed more than 800 written health educational resources on topics such as physical activity, physical fitness or sports medicine. The average reading level across the studies was greater than 10th-grade, more than two full levels above the maximum recommended eighth-grade reading level. There was no difference in the reading level of resources produced by the government and those by non-government agencies.

Jen A. Miller Update: What happened at the Portland Marathon?

At first, they did nothing. Then when a TV station dug in, and a newspaper dug in, their response was: no big deal - because it didn't affect faster runners.  Here's a quote from Oregon Live, talking to the race director: "'We think that the people who were involved with that are not normally Boston qualifiers,' Smith said. 'The only thing that wold happen is it would impact their personal best.' 'It's not a big deal,' he added."