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Why Jeff Goldblum Eliminated Caffeine From His Diet - WSJ

Sanford Meisner was my great acting teacher, who I had at a formative stage, just when I graduated high school. On one of the stones of his foundation would be written, “Use what exists,” and that’s an ever-revealing bit of wisdom. I take it to mean, Use what exists all around you, not only when you’re acting but in life, too. Pay attention to the present moment, receive it openly, and don’t resist it. There’s something about whatever surrounds you that’s perfect in some way and, if navigated in a certain way, can teach infinitely.

All together or all apart

The researchers then had the teams complete a decision-making activity (in this case, act as top management for a fictional Hollywood studio tasked with green-lighting the production of one or more screenplays) and then answer a survey about the experience wherein they rated other team members. "We learned that if you want to have a clear leader emerge, you are better off having them all located face to face or all working remotely," Reeves said. "It's when you start mixing and matching -- some on site, some virtual -- that's when the real confusion comes into play."