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Requested anonymity 'to avoid betraying' or 'because betraying' ?

Two people interviewed, who are in direct communication with the elder Mr. Bush but requested anonymity to avoid betraying a confidence, said Mr. Trump had revived painful memories among the Bushes of another blunt populist: H. Ross Perot.
It appears as if the police used surveillance camera footage paired with records in private and public databases to identify the activist and find out where he works. The police then allegedly called his employer and notified them that, while the activist said he had been sick, he was really out at a protest confronting the police. He was subsequently fired.
Whether Facebook or Twitter, you’ve always got your game face on and are telling people how cool your life is. On Whisper, you have the ability to share authentic true raw emotions, and the feeling is freeing because it’s anonymous. There’s also simply the form factor of picture with overlaid text. You’ve heard that, normally in social media, one percent create, less than 10 percent curate and 90 percent consume. Well, 45 percent of users have created a Whisper. Whisper users are 70 percent women and more than half under 25. Where young women go, so goes the nation. We’ve seen it with Facebook, Snapchat and Tumblr.