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Economic Mobility Is Better in Rural Than Urban Areas - Bloomberg

In Iowa and the Dakotas, rural areas afford much greater prospects for upward mobility compared to urban centers. But in Georgia and the Carolinas, rural areas offer much less opportunity for economic mobility than urban centers.

Creating a Best Workplace from Anywhere, for Everyone - Salesforce News

This employee feedback has guided our re-opening strategy and how we’ll work going forward. We learned that nearly half of our employees want to come in only a few times per month, but also that 80% of employees want to maintain a connection to a physical space. So we are giving employees flexibility in how, when and where they work with three ways of working: Flex – When it’s safe to return to the office, most of our employees around the globe will work flex. This means they’ll be in the office 1-3 days per week for team collaboration, customer meetings, and presentations. Fully Remote – For employees who don’t live near an office or have roles that don’t require an office, they will work remotely full-time. Office-based – The smallest population of our workforce will work from an office location 4-5 days per week if they’re in roles that require it.