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The other big news is that Garth’s entire catalog will be available for downloading starting on Monday at his website, Garth had previously been one of the few remaining holdouts, refusing to allow his songs on iTunes, amazon, or other services. Now he’s going do it himself and cut out the middle man. I don’t know why more artists don’t do it this way.
There’s the buttoned-up, user-friendly CafeMom you’ll get by going directly to the site or arriving through search and social links, and then there’s the down-and-dirty version specifically built for distribution through Outbrain, a top provider of paid content distribution links. CafeMom creates Outbrain-specific pages for each piece of content it produces, the company said. Those pages have dozens more ad placements than the normal CafeMom pages. The Outbrain link to the “Glee” story appeared on sites like at the bottom of articles. (Yieldbot CEO Jonathan Mendez, who first spotted it, believes he saw it on In this instance, CafeMom is engaged in a basic arbitrage play. CafeMom pays Outbrain to get clicks on the “Glee” content, then CafeMom makes more money from paid distribution players like Taboola. Everyone makes money here. (There’s an irony in CafeMom paying Outbrain in order to make more money from Outbrain competitor Taboola.) The only loser: the poor soul clicking the link who is then subjected to a junkyard of direct-response pitches masquerading as content like “Little Known Facts About Low Testosterone” and “5 Tips to Melt Away Mushy Cellulite Forever.”
Purple pricing works like this Start with limited number of units to sell or set a time after which the product has no value Start with a set high price and periodically drop the price Anyone who buys the product at a given price is guaranteed they will only have to pay the lowest price the last unit is sold for So if you like the product at a given price you should pay. You may not have liked it at $2.99 but when it drops to $1.99 you might find it attractive. You should agree to pay that price. The scheme guarantees you will not pay more than the lowest price someone else who buys the product after you pays. If the last price is $0.39, that is the price you will pay even if you bought in at $2.99. So it does not suffer from sideline or fairness issue.