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2022 Full Year Market Report | LUMA Partners

Both the Ad Tech index (“LUMA.A”) and the MarTech index (“LUMA.M”) were down substantially this year (59% and 52%, respectively) alongside the broader tech market, with Nasdaq-100 down 33%.

Unsold book returns in coming weeks could be another blow for publishers | The Star

“If we just look at physical bookstores, so not online retailers, but mostly physical bookstores, they’re down almost 63 per cent year over year for the period,” Genner said from Toronto. “So 63 per cent in unit sales. That is hugely significant.”

Amazon Claims to Accurately Measure Pages Read in Kindle Unlimited, Neglects to Mention There's no Standard Page Size | The Digital Reader

The thing is, folks, if one page in Book A is equal to 1.2 pages in Book B and 0.8 pages in Book C then it really doesn't matter how carefully Amazon counts the pages. Any count reported by Amazon is fundamentally bullshit because there is no single standard page size. Let me phrase it another way: Amazon's accounting system in Kindle Unlimited is broken on a fundamental level.

The literary map of London is just beautiful

Getting a book into the world, it turns out, is an enormous endeavor, one based, still, on old-fashioned person-to-person communication. Yes, a book can be physically produced in a handful of weeks, but it takes a human being reading it, understanding how to talk about it, and suggesting it in person to another human being (who happens to run a retail outlet that suggests books to a community of human beings) for your book to actually make it into the world. Multiply that process by the number of booksellers, magazine editors, book reviewers, bloggers, social media loudmouths and public radio nerds nationwide and this takes some time. The upshot of this for the writer is you have a year to move on, start something else, and distance yourself from the material. By the time your first grade teacher and all your exes are reading it, it feels a little like somebody else wrote it. And I’ve found that to be very helpful.
The most disheartening readings usually occur in bookstores, where crowds often swell to three or four people, at least one of whom has shown up to take a nap, and another who has misread the store schedule and come to the wrong reading. In Boston, a woman approached me after the Q. and A., her face tense with anguish and disappointment. “I thought you were going to be Alice McDermott,” she said. “So did I,” I said.
Once upon a time there was (insert a name who exemplifies your target customer/consumer) …. . Every day he/she (insert here his/her frustration or job to be done) …. . One day we developed (insert here the product/solution and what are actually the 2-3 things we offer or not) … . Until finally (insert here the end result for the customer/consumer compared to competition) … .