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An Oral History of WMMS, Cleveland's Legendary Radio Station | News Features | Cleveland | Cleveland Scene

Gorman: Back then, there was the Allman Brothers and Jeff Beck and Led Zeppelin, but there was other music taking place. We started reading New Musical Express and the British music magazines. When Kid Leo joined the station, he was playing the post-'60s bands like Roxy, Mott the Hoople and T. Rex. We played some of the stuff from New York too like the New York Dolls. We wanted to put all the music together in some kind of format. The moment I knew it would work was when I realized we could play Roxy Music, Led Zeppelin, the Allman Brothers and New York Dolls all in the same hour and make it work. We started playing Suzi Quatro as an import. We had a lot of help in getting music. [The late singer-guitarist] Peter Laughner was a brilliant musician and songwriter. He died way too young. He lived not far from the station on Prospect. He would come down to the station and turn us on to different music. We became the first station in the country to play Patti Smith. He went to New York and saw Patti Smith and picked up her single which was a cover of "Hey Joe" and the other side was "Piss Factory." Peter Schliewin at Record Revolution turned me onto Queen long before that album came out.