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The Concussions No One Treats - The Atlantic

The latest guidelines for concussion recovery, which came out in October 2022, continue to shift toward suggesting better rehab, sooner. If dizziness, neck pain, or headaches persist after 10 days, the guidelines now recommend “cervicovestibular rehabilitation”—exactly the kind of therapy that ultimately helped me recover. It’s a combination of manual therapy on key muscles and rehab for the vestibular, or balance, system. Multiple studies have shown the benefits of this type of rehab, including a 2014 study that found that 73 percent of treated patients recovered after eight weeks, compared with 7 percent in the control group.

Damaged nerve behind athletes' post-concussion issues -- ScienceDaily

"The test results show that the injury is located to the vestibular nerve, which is connected to the semicircular canals in a cavity inside the skull, and which is directly adjacent to the cochlea in the ear. These injuries lead to the inward nerve impulses not working properly, and the brain therefore does not receive important information about body movements and sensory impressions required to maintain a good balance," says Anna Gard, doctoral student at Lund University, resident in neurosurgery at Skåne University Hospital and first author of the study.