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Buzzfeed wins by iterating its quizes

The mistake that led to the invention of CorningWare

Dr. Stookey had not planned to invent it. Experimenting at Corning one day in 1953, he put photosensitive glass into a furnace, intending to heat it to 600 degrees.“When I came back, the temperature gauge was stuck on 900 degrees, and I thought I had ruined the furnace,” he said in an interview several years ago. “When I opened the door to the furnace, I saw the glass was intact and had turned a milky white. I grabbed some tongs to get it out as fast as I could, but the glass slipped out of the tongs and fell to the floor. The thing bounced and didn’t break. It sounded like steel hitting the floor.”
The iterations range from little snippets and updates, comments to long analysis pieces and reported pieces. It's key to the model that you suit the format or genre to the particular increment of news you're putting in front of readers. If you know the site, you know this. You know what they look like, how they unfold. But the architecture of the site has never had a good way to capture those narrative arcs. If you know the site's idiom, you recognize them. If you don't, it can be a little bewildering. And even if you do recognize them the site has never had a very good way of stitching those narratives together or allowing you to trace them backwards or forwards in time. So that's one thing new we have coming and something we'll be working on over the next few months.