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Salesforce Jobs Become Less About Perks After Layoffs - Bloomberg

Benioff had another, more important insight, as well. At the time, most computer programs were sold like computers themselves—you buy it for a large upfront cost, set it up yourself and then use it until it breaks or you want something nicer. Benioff decided his customer relationship management software wouldn’t come on a CD. It would be hosted remotely, on the web: Clients wouldn’t buy the CRM software, they’d lease it. The user interface for the site came to Benioff in a dream. “I could see this app that looked like Amazon,” he says, “and it said ‘Contacts,’ ‘Accounts,’ ‘Opportunities,’ ‘Forecast Reports,’ as tabs. No one had ever built enterprise software quite like that before.”

Is a Market Crash Coming? The Dental Indicator Says Yes

Sikka Software provides business health-care applications to small and midsize practices, including dentists’ offices. The company has immense amounts of aggregated data on patient behaviors, and an analysis of patients at 12,200 American dental practices suggests some early economic warning signs.