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Don Lemon interrogates Elon Musk on depression, his 'prescription' ketamine use and Trump in interview that got him fired from X | Daily Mail Online

'There are times when I have a negative chemical state in my brain, like depression I guess, or depression that's not linked to any negative news, and ketamine is helpful for getting one out of a negative frame of mind,' he added.  When asked if he has ever 'abused' the tranquilizing drug, Musk continued: 'I don't think so... if you use too much ketamine you can't really get work done, and I have a lot of work.'  'It's a prescription from a real doctor, not a, you know...' he added, as the conversation stalled and became awkward.  'Putting in 16-hour days, that's normal for me, and it's rare for me to even take off a weekend day, so I don't really have a situation where I can be not mentally acute for an extended period of time.