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Pret a Manger, Itsu Founder Says High UK Interest Rates Not ‘End of the World’ - Bloomberg

In fact, everything changed in the hospitality industry in about, maybe 1990. I can't remember. When they allowed people from Italy and Spain and France to come and work here. So young people would come here and work for two years, learn to speak English and go back. That changed hospitality forever. And again, most people... Merritt: That's over now, right? Metcalfe: A great many of your listeners won't know that, and they'll kind of take it for granted that thousands upon hundreds of thousands of better food places have opened in the last 50 years because of that.

Rebellion in Gyergyóditró: The exclusiveness of Szekler nationalism – Hungarian Spectrum

Gergely’s article, titled “Let the pro-migrant politicians be bakers in the Land of Szeklers,” is in full sympathy with the inhabitants of Gyergyóditró because what happened demonstrates that “there is an existing problem.” He claims that “the land of the Szeklers is a closed but tolerant community,” in which it can easily happen that someone from a neighboring village will remain “a stranger” for the rest of his life. Szeklers can handle “exceptions,” but they cannot tolerate mass settlements due to the bad experiences of the past. They are not xenophobes and racists, but they do have to worry about the two Sri Lankans because soon enough four other bakers will arrive from Nepal. The owner of the bakery is importing cheap labor from Asia while 30% of Romania’s population works abroad because of the extremely low living standards in the country. Instead of looking down on the allegedly backward people of Gyergyóditró, we should understand their plight, concludes Gergely.

16-year-old rock climber survives 500-foot fall on Oregon's Mount Hood - ABC News

"My family and my son want to thank everyone who helped rescue him, may the new year shower you with health and happiness. Because of you my son is in good spirits," Singh told ABC News in a statement. "This was to be his 98th summit ... we will be back soon to finish the job. God Bless AMERICA!"

Obscure German Tweet Helped Spur Migrant March From Hungary - WSJ

On Tuesday, Aug. 25, at 1:30 p.m., a government agency in the southern German city of Nuremberg posted a sentence on Twitter that would change the lives of tens of thousands of desperate people. “We are at present largely no longer enforcing Dublin procedures for Syrian citizens,” said the note, posted on the account of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

Declawing the ‘tiger mom’

“Our research debunks the idea that there is something intrinsic about Asian culture, traits or values that produces exceptional educational outcomes,” Lee says. “First, the change in U.S. immigration law in 1965 was critical, because it ushered in a new stream of immigrants from Asia who are hyperselected – meaning that they’re more highly educated than their compatriots and also more highly educated than the general U.S. population.” For example, only 4 percent of people living in China have college degrees, but about 51 percent of those emigrating to the U.S. do. […]Moreover, these immigrants exceed the academic attainment of most Americans, 28 percent of whom are college-educated. “The biggest predictor of a child’s success is parental education,” Lee notes. “If your parents are college-educated, the likelihood of you going to college and graduating is very high.”

Hungary surveys citizens about immigration

1. How important is the spread of terrorism as far as your own life is concerned? 2. In your opinion could Hungary become the target of terrorism in the next few years? 3. Do you agree that mistaken immigration policies contribute to the spread of terrorism? 4. Did you know that economic immigrants cross the border illegally and that lately their numbers have increased twentyfold? 5. Do you agree with the opinion that economic immigrants endanger the jobs and livelihoods of the Hungarian people [magyar emberek]? 6. In your opinion did Brussels’ policies on immigration and terrorism fail? 7. Would you support the government in its effort to introduce stricter immigration regulations in opposition to Brussels? 8. Would you support a new regulation that would allow the government to place immigrants who illegally entered the country into internment camps? 9. In your opinion should those immigrants who illegally enter the country be returned to their own countries in the shortest possible time? 10. Do you agree that those economic immigrants who stay in Hungary should have to work to cover the cost of their keep? 11. Do you agree that the best means of combating immigration is to give economic assistance to the countries of origin of the immigrants? 12. Do you agree with the government that instead of allocating funds to immigration we should support Hungarian families and those children yet to be born?