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SSC Tuatara Is World's Fastest Production Car: New Top Speed Record - Bloomberg

“Many times, where we have observed something during real world testing of a Tuatara that would require a design change to a component or assembly to achieve higher performance, we have literally assembled the design and development team, made a decision, and had newly designed components on a machine being fabricated within hours,” said Shelby via email. “We had new, completed parts out on the road being tested on the car by the next day.”
“Without conflict resolution, two people making changes at the same time would clobber each other, and it would suck. But it wasn’t happening that often. So I just put in a comment saying ‘hey, we’ll have to fix this pretty soon.’ Four years later, that comment is still there and who cares? I thought it was going to be a problem, but it wasn’t. You can’t know what your biggest problems are going to be, so you can’t know what your features should be. Just do the shittiest thing you have to do.”