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Debt Ceiling: How the Treasury's Rainy Day Fund Quietly Saved the Day - Bloomberg

Despite the worsening conflicts over trade and intellectual property, the US and China continue to be mutually dependent in many ways. Sosnick also pointed out the irony that China’s massive fiscal and credit expansion in late 2008 was a key element in helping the rest of the world recover from the Global Financial Crisis. Its continuing difficulties are in part caused by the need to pay for that stimulus: Never mind that it was Chinese expansion that helped pull the world out of the Global Financial Crisis, nor that China-focused globalization was a key force in keeping global inflation in check for over a decade. Let’s also put aside that a solid Chinese post-Covid economy was supposed to be a key factor boosting multinational companies’ profits and a key element in enabling a soft landing or even a “no landing” scenario. Why should stuff going on halfway around the world disrupt the trading patterns that have been working so well in US markets recently?