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Lost in space

In the darkness, I get turned around and upside down. I can see only what’s immediately in front of my face, like a scuba diver in murky waters, and it’s completely disorienting. Everything looks unfamiliar in the dark. I start to head in a direction I think is the right one, then realize it’s wrong, but I can’t tell whether I’m upside down or right side up. I read some mile markers—numbers attached to the handrails—to Megan [in Mission Control], hoping she can help tell me where I am. “It looks much different in the dark,” I tell Megan. “Roger that,” she says. “Did I not go far enough aft?” I ask. “Let me go back to my safety tether.” I figure once I find the place where my tether is attached I’ll be able to get my bearings. “We’re working on cuing up the sun for you,” Megan jokes, “but it’s going to be another five minutes.” I look in the direction I think is Earth, hoping to catch a glimpse of some city lights 250 miles below in the darkness to get my bearings.If I just knew which way Earth is, I could figure out where I am on the truss. When I look around, all I see is black.

Landing on a Comet, 317 Million Miles From Home