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Are your muscles genetically prepared to run a marathon? The way is open for the use of genetics in training -- ScienceDaily

Specialists focussed on seven genes related to muscle function in 71 experienced marathon runners, who underwent blood tests before and after the competition and measurements of the power of the vertical jump and muscle perception. Every gene was assigned a score, based on previous studies, where 0 indicated that the polymorphism of this gene did not create a muscular advantage for running a marathon, 1 meant a standard level and 2 indicated that the polymorphism of the gene conferred positive properties for bearing this effort through muscles. As such, runners with a high score -the maximum was 14 points- had good muscle genetics to bear the muscle demands of the marathon, while a low score indicated the opposite. The results were conclusive: runners with a higher genetic score had lower levels of creatine kinase and myoglobin in their blood, that is, less damage to muscle fibres, compared to marathon runners with a less favourable score. This research opens the way for the use of genetics in training. "In the near future, marathon runners may be able to measure their genetic profile to know how prepared they are for competing in a marathon and in other resistance tests," highlighted Del Coso.

How to Run Your First Marathon | POPSUGAR Fitness

"Think of every day between now and your future half marathon as available time to get stronger and improve your endurance." It made so much sense — waiting to start training is like procrastinating on a project you're afraid of. I've already started running a little bit more than usual to get 2017 off on the right foot.

Jen A. Miller Update: What happened at the Portland Marathon?

At first, they did nothing. Then when a TV station dug in, and a newspaper dug in, their response was: no big deal - because it didn't affect faster runners.  Here's a quote from Oregon Live, talking to the race director: "'We think that the people who were involved with that are not normally Boston qualifiers,' Smith said. 'The only thing that wold happen is it would impact their personal best.' 'It's not a big deal,' he added."