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Students use Pullquote to improve online research

“It ended up being a lot faster for them than ‘taking notes,’” said KayCee Butcher, who taught the Honors English sophomore classes. “They were pulling quotes that they thought would be helpful to include in their paper (the direct quote) and also ideas that they wanted to paraphrase/information they needed to include.”
PERHAPS it is a search for order, for scale, for the rules of proportion, some impulse to keep track, but human beings seem hard-wired to take measure of the world around them. It’s why we record everything from rainfall and ice melt to temperature and bird arrival dates.
Song collectors have often been accused of fetishising the past and valuing living singers mostly as conduits to the dead. But modernity thunders on regardless, and collecting serves as an important act of remembrance. In marginal communities, preserving this heritage even qualifies as a political act: the past might not have been better but it was there, and should not be forgotten.