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Amid $1 billion Medicaid shortfall, Indiana cuts aid to aged and disabled

Davis hasn't had a job in 15 years because taking care of her son is a full-time occupation. The Davises have been approved for nursing hours since 2016 but have never been able to find a nurse to hire. In 2018 Anastasia Davis learned of the program that would pay her for her caregiving, but she was unable to enroll until 2022. The financial strain of caregiving without income sent the family into debt, she said.

Black moms die in childbirth 3 times as often as white moms. Except in North Carolina. - Vox

When a woman on Medicaid in North Carolina becomes pregnant, her doctor is incentivized (through Medicaid financial reimbursements) to screen for issues that might make her pregnancy high-risk, looking out for potential obstetric or psychosocial risks as early as possible, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or depression. If the patient is deemed to be high risk, she’s connected with a “pregnancy care manager,” who helps the mom understand and adhere to steps needed to reduce her health risks.