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Marina Abramovic's odd jobs

“We milked the goats in Sardinia to get sausages and bread. … We made [sweaters] and sell them on the market,” says Abramovic. For one month, Abramovic even worked as a mail carrier in London—which didn’t end well. “First it took me so long time to deliver all the letters,” she says. “And I decide that every letter who was written with typewriter machine must be bad news or a bill, and I throw them away. And I only deliver letters written by hand and become much faster. Only beautiful letters. After four weeks working, they could not prove anything, but they asked me to give back uniform, which I did.”

Who will curate the curators?

If a cable package is a bundle of bundles, maybe MediaREDEF is a curator of curators. Let’s call it a “meta-curator.” […]We are in a world of nearly infinite choices for content consumption.[…]we end up watching whatever was put in front of us that was “good enough.” Because how else can we sort through it?

Newsletters restore the web's intimacy

We subscribe to newsletters because we like someone and take interest in their unique points-of-view. Unless I am mistaken, hate-subscribing isn’t actually a thing. Besides, the person running the list can always blacklist unwanted subscribers. There must have been at least one intra-TinyLetter flame war, and if sub-TinyLettering people isn’t happening yet, surely it will.But newsletters aren’t discussion lists. It is one-way communication. No one sees the replies but the sender. This is great for avoiding trolls, not so good if you miss the days that the comments section might be as worthwhile as the original post.