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I hate all electronic things that are supposed to help the human being. You don’t smell, you don’t hear, you don’t touch anymore. All our senses are being controlled. At the same time, I am a total imbecile because to have a little iPhone that can take pictures, that can find the nearest hospital, that can tell you the weather in Jakarta — it’s probably fabulous. I’m supposed to be a man of balance, but my state of mind in those things is very unbalanced. I love or I hate.
the digital world has created a situation in which there is virtually unlimited supply. Therefore, any money you can make on advertising goes down. Even if BuzzFeed or anybody else does better and their traffic goes up, their per-view revenue goes down. It’s a total catastrophe. You don’t sound very optimistic. I’m not really optimistic. The point of optimism is that up until a year ago everybody was desperate about mobile ad rates. They have started to come up — and in some cases, they’ve dramatically come up. There’s no traditional publisher who has not been burned in mobile and tablet. But the ad rates are coming up.
But for its extensive modifications, his Suzuki could have been purchased in a showroom. He began reconfiguring his bike in 2010. He replaced virtually the entire engine and converted it to run on methanol, which has a higher octane rating and burns at a lower temperature than gasoline. That allowed him to remove the bike’s heavy cooling unit. He stretched the aluminum frame, added carbon-fiber wheels and built a fiberglass fairing, or aerodynamic cowl, by hand. He also added a turbocharger, which he called “ginormous” in an interview with The New York Times’s Wheels blog. “People don’t even put that size on big trucks,” Mr. Warner said. When he finished, he had increased the bike’s horsepower, originally 160, more than sevenfold.