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U.S. Blames Drug Shortages on Low Prices and a ‘Broken Marketplace’ - The New York Times

An analysis in the report found that two-thirds of 163 drugs in short supply in recent years were available as generics, generally at low cost. The medications were older, too, on the market for a median of almost 35 years. But quality-control problems at manufacturing facilities were responsible for more than half of recent drug shortages, the task force also found. The group’s proposed solutions also included new “quality ratings” that might help drug companies attract higher prices and increase market share. (Many shortages, however, occur when problems affect a company that is the sole supplier of a drug.)

Generic drug collusion

Embattled drugmaker Perrigo said that federal agents executed search warrants at company headquarters, as part of a wide-ranging investigation into price collusion in the generics industry. Shares fell more than 6% Wednesday morning. Several other companies have received subpoenas as part of this investigation. The Government Accountability Office issued a report last year that found that prices of 300 out of 1,441 generic drugs doubled at least one time between 2010 and 2015.