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'Buying Traffic Is The Way Of The Future,' Says CEO Who Made $400,000 From A Single Slideshow Last Year | AdExchanger

But getting that $400,000 required buying about $200,000 of native ads to drive traffic to the content. Topix gets readers to consume slideshows by buying native ads on Facebook, Yahoo, Outbrain and Taboola. Think of Topix as a content arbitrage company. It has developed technology that allows it to buy clicks for cheap, knowing that its slideshow format will let it make more than what it paid for that initial click. Topix profits from the spread between what it pays in advertising and what it earns in advertising. CEO Chris Tolles defends his model, arguing that similar pubs create clickbait while he creates quality content. For example, that $400,000 slideshow? “23 Hilarious Hipster Wedding Trends That Need To Stop.”

Wall Street’s Old, Unwanted Bond Salesmen Find a Home in Chicago - Bloomberg

In the new Wall Street, there are simply fewer jobs. Post-crisis rules to curb risk-taking and shrinking bond-trading revenues have compelled banks to cut costs. Electronic trading platforms have let clients bypass salespeople. In the past five years alone, the biggest global firms have cut almost 10,000 trading and investment banking jobs, according to research firm Coalition Ltd. Older, higher-paid traders and salespeople have been especially vulnerable.
Do I want to dump “agencies” completely, or do I just want a different kind of “agency” support? Is the goal to excise layers between my dollars and the end media? Or am I looking to make my programmatic media more effective and/or more strategic relative to what my current agency is doing? Is my frustration with my agencies limited to programmatic media?
There’s the buttoned-up, user-friendly CafeMom you’ll get by going directly to the site or arriving through search and social links, and then there’s the down-and-dirty version specifically built for distribution through Outbrain, a top provider of paid content distribution links. CafeMom creates Outbrain-specific pages for each piece of content it produces, the company said. Those pages have dozens more ad placements than the normal CafeMom pages. The Outbrain link to the “Glee” story appeared on sites like at the bottom of articles. (Yieldbot CEO Jonathan Mendez, who first spotted it, believes he saw it on In this instance, CafeMom is engaged in a basic arbitrage play. CafeMom pays Outbrain to get clicks on the “Glee” content, then CafeMom makes more money from paid distribution players like Taboola. Everyone makes money here. (There’s an irony in CafeMom paying Outbrain in order to make more money from Outbrain competitor Taboola.) The only loser: the poor soul clicking the link who is then subjected to a junkyard of direct-response pitches masquerading as content like “Little Known Facts About Low Testosterone” and “5 Tips to Melt Away Mushy Cellulite Forever.”