Frequently Asked Questions

Why “Pullquote?”
The term “pull quote” is a term commonly used by journalists and designers. Wikipedia defines a pull quote as "a quotation or excerpt from an article that is typically placed in a larger or distinctive typeface on the same page, serving to entice readers into an article or to highlight a key topic." Now, with our Pullquote tool, a reader’s mouse -- rather than the editor's hand -- determines what's the key point in an article.
What data does Pullquote store?
The only personally identifiable data relating to you that’s stored or shared by Pullquote is information you've shared on Twitter. All other information -- highlights, copies, links, etc -- is stored in the aggregate and not linked to any particular user.
Does Pullquote work in Safari or IE?
You can create a Pullquote link to a paragraph or sentence using our bookmarklet.
How do I make the Pullquote menu not appear every time I highlight some text?
Click the little round button top right on the menu, which will open up a settings page where you can toggle this menu off. Once you've done this, the menu will appear when you highlight text and then click extension button top right.
How can I hide the Pullquote menu, which seems to pop up anytime I mouse-over text?
Top right on the Pullquote menu, click on the small round button with a red cross bar. You'll arrive on a page saying "Menu annoying you? Move it!" Select the second option down on that page and the Pullquote menu will only appear when you highlight text and then click the extension button (top right on your Chrome browser, bottom right on FireFox.)
I was on my favorite site’s front page and created a Pullquote link. A week later, the link no longer points to my text. Why?
Any Pullquote that you create on an index page (i.e. home pages, like rather than specific posts will vanish when that text is no longer on the home page. Instead, click through to the specific article (e.g., then create your Pullquote.
Why did you create Pullquote?
Some members of our team have craved this tool for a long time. Almost since the web’s inception, people smarter than us have called for the ability to link at the sentence or paragraph level. There have been numerous efforts (like “purple numbers” and Xlink) to create links to sentences and paragraphs over the years, but none have stuck. We want to help fill this gap in the web’s culture. You can read more on our philosophy and vision at our blog.
Who’s behind Pullquote?
Pullquote is a creation of the team behind Blogads, Twiangulate, Twialog, CrowdPulse, and others.
Is it Pullquotes or Pullquote?
We started with Pullquotes, then the URL Pullquote became available and we jumped on it. Saying "I Pullquotesed it" was just too tough.
I see you’re recommending that I follow some other people’s pullquote feeds. How do you choose those feeds?
We look for thoughtful users who unearth quotes you might not find on your own AND who pullquote regularly but not compulsively.
The pullquote I created yesterday isn't being highlighted for visitors today. Why? 
This happens occasionally when a publisher changes the text you've highlighted and shared (e.g. updating information, or correcting an error) to the degree that your pullquote no longer matches.
When I copy text with Pullquote it automatically adds a link. Sometimes I don't want that to happen.
Copy the highlighted text using Ctrl + C (on PC) or Command + C (on Mac) and no Pullquote link will be included.
Can anyone see what pages I'm browsing?
We take your privacy seriously. Your tab URLs are never transmitted or disclosed to either the Pullquote developers or any other party. The only exception to this is if you intentionally click on our 'Tweet' feature that allows you to tweet a link to the text you highlighted on a web page in order to share it with others.
After I re-installed Pullquote's Chrome extension, I've been unable to tweet quotes. What's up?
This may be browser related. First, delete the Pullquote extension in Chrome. Then shut down Chrome completely. Start Chrome,download the latest extension and all should be well.
Bookmarklet not working in Firefox?
Firefox 'Tracking Protection' is turned on. Needs to be disabled for the bookmarklet to function correctly.
Having problems with your twitter handle or your pullquote account not working.
Tweet us '@pllqt' for help!
Where can I find your Privacy Policy.
You can access our Privacy Policy at