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What US Treasury Volatility Means for the Economy - Bloomberg

When combined, these factors point to three implications for the current Treasury market volatility: It is likely to diminish but not disappear; it is expected to result in range-bound yields overall unless the Bank of Japan fumbles in its YCC exit or the Fed tightens policy too much; and, with this important central bank qualification, it can be handled with relative ease by the economy and most segments of the financial markets provided they are not excessively levered.

The chaos wrought by the FOMC keeps unfolding | National Mortgage News

"What's interesting is almost none [of my clients] have a lot of perspective about the mortgage business. A lot of them have never been in an environment that is predominantly purchase. I was raised in that environment. I spent my first 20 years in an environment where we didn't have refinances really. Everything was a purchase. I think they're struggling with that. And then the second shoe that hit them all is margin compression, and product compression, which they weren't expecting. Almost everybody's business model that I saw underestimated the amount of compression on the gross revenue side of their business."