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When Pixels Collide

Each pixel you see was placed by hand. Each icon, each flag, each meme created painstakingly by millions of people who had nothing in common except an Internet connection. Somehow, someway, what happened in Reddit over those 72 hours was the birth of Art.
One would be Hateplow. In my opinion, he’s doing something completely different from everyone else, and you can tell that he’s constantly experimenting with ideas about art and the GIF. Also, Mr. Div. I can stare at his work forever. Normally, I’m not taken by geometric shapes, but there’s something hypnotic about these GIFs that I really enjoy. I also like Romain Laurent. I firmly believe for a GIF to be good, it has to work as an infinite loop. At times I get annoyed with GIFs that are too jumpy, or don’t loop properly. I really enjoy how Romain plays with traditional photography by giving it motion.