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The Capitol Power Plant, which provides heating and cooling to the sprawling Capitol campus, is the largest single source of carbon emissions in Washington.
Over 75% of Republicans say the party must change, but they can’t agree if it should become more or less conservative
55 percent of Republicans in the House of Representatives and 65 percent of those in the Senate reject the science behind climate change or oppose action on climate change
Paul Krugman weighs in against their newest fantasy — libertarian populism — which is an effort to sugarcoat the same old pill they have been peddling for years, and somehow use that to pull the so-called “missing white voters" — downscale, rural whites from the North — to come back to the polls and vote Republican.
Thursday, the House passed a farm bill that stripped out the food stamp program, breaking a pact that for decades has protected the nutrition needs of low-income Americans. It was the first time since 1973 that food stamps haven’t been part of a farm bill, and it reflected the contempt of the far right for anyone desperate enough to rely on the government for help to buy groceries.