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Jive’s acquisition of StreamOnce continues to lead to new connections, and now, on top of the earlier email integrations of Outlook and Gmail — allowing full participation of email-only users in Jive social interaction — Jive has announced four others:  Dropbox, Chatter, Yammer, and Evernote. Yammer is kind of interesting considering Tony Zingale, the CEO of Jive, declared Yammer “dead” last week.
When asked about how he and his team at Jive felt at the time of the acquisition, Zingale responded: On the first day we were celebrating because Microsoft’s the place innovation goes to die. However, if they get it right given their size and scale and their reach and their channels and the grip they have on the corporate integration technology organizations for workforce productivity tools… Yeah, I think it could be very challenging. So you’ve got to use the strength you have, which is move as fast as you can and innovate… And, at the same time, it validates even further the fact that there’s a real market here when a company of Yammer’s size and scale gets acquired for that multiple. When asked whether Yammer had died in the 54 weeks since the buy, Zingale replied “It’s dead.”