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the results were even worse than in 1996: A majority of those who replied said the deficit has gone up, with more than 40 percent saying that it has gone up a lot. Only 12 percent answered correctly that it has gone down a lot.
it’s the kind of cynical product that gives violent movies a bad name
Stewart Butterfield is thinking of me, Skype is moving to Windows 8.1 start screen, SocialBro integrates Salesforce and Nimble
Cisco announces 4,000 to be laid off, and no mention of collaboration products
iCloud beta now looks like iOS 7
Microsoft Skydrive and Outlook service interruptions
The decline in newspaper circulation is now hitting Germany, a decade after the US. I remember predicting this was going to happen at a Germany conference, I think it was Next in 2009, and being told that Germans were different than Americans, and wouldn’t switch to online news and entertainment. Sure.
Is social point-of-sale a trend?
Write first, think later? My theory is this: an unconscious approach to writing is one tool, but not the only one.
Doctors wrote close to 60 million prescriptions for sleep aids in the United States last year
Tear Down Show #2: David Burk and Stowe Boyd
Google’s QuickOffice file editing comes one step closer
BlackBerry could still be made into a software company
Conor Friedersdorf fisks Obama’s surveillance speech, and highlights the untruths and slippery logic that animated it.
Few groups, Schlichtman contends, are more hypocritical than urbanists discussing gentrification.
Draft is a small and simple co-editor
Dropbox hires VMware chief architect Matt Eccleston
NBC News expected to acquire Stringwire, a crowdsourcing video play
The first five months of this year were the driest on record in California, with reservoirs in the state at 20 percent below normal levels
California devotes $179,400 to keep a juvenile in detention for a year, and spends less than $10,000 per student in its schools.
5 percent of the world’s population, the United States has almost one-quarter of the world’s prisoners
AMERICAN companies are more profitable than ever — and more profitable than we thought they were before the government revised the national income accounts last week. Wage earners are making less than we thought, in part because the government now thinks it was overestimating the amount of income not reported by taxpayers.
Banks in Germany invested in seemingly every bad asset that came their way, including American subprime assets and Greek bonds
the cost of expanded basic cable, the most popular service, has risen 3.4 times faster than inflation from 1995 to 2009
An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll in June found that the No. 1 reason people gave for our continuing poverty crisis was: “Too much welfare that prevents initiative.”
Dachis announces real-time marketing platform