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The Ends Do Not Justify The Means

Accountability is a two way street. To be sure, not every lawsuit is fraudulent; legitimate legal actions can provoke change for the common good and have a positive societal impact. And companies that violate the law should be held accountable. But so, too, should the lawyers and organizations who seek to hold them to account. Giving lawyers and activists a free pass to commit crimes and fraud in the name of a noble cause harms the very interests they claim to represent and perverts our judicial system. As the judge overseeing Chevron’s lawsuit against Donziger put it: “There is no ‘Robin Hood’ defense to illegal and wrongful conduct.”

Landowners Win at U.S. Supreme Court in Wetlands-Development Case - Bloomberg Politics

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that landowners can go straight to court after federal regulators conclude that a piece of property is covered by the Clean Water Act. The unanimous ruling is a victory for property-rights activists, potentially streamlining the federal approval process for people and companies seeking to develop wetlands.

Experts: Donziger’s Fraud Hurts Human Rights Cause - The Amazon Post

Donziger’s claim that he is seeking to rectify alleged human rights abuses doesn’t entitle him to resort to fraud to achieve his purported goals. In fact, many in the human rights community are saying exactly that.

Everything wrong with class-action lawsuits in America - Business Insider

"Settlements are the real goal of plaintiffs lawyers," The Wall Street Journal wrote in a scathing editorial on that study. "Lawyers profit handsomely from these agreements that give them a cut of the winnings off the top, but the odds for regular Joe Plaintiff aren't good."

Supreme Court rules gay couples nationwide have a right to marry - The Washington Post

Reading a dissent from the bench for the first time in his tenure, Roberts said, “This is a court, not a legislature.”

When everything is a crime - The Washington Post

What began as a trickle has become a stream that could become a cleansing torrent. Criticisms of the overcriminalization of American life might catalyze an appreciation of the toll the administrative state is taking on the criminal justice system, and liberty generally.
Should brand-name drug makers be held liable if consumers are harmed by a medicine made by a generic rival? The Alabama Supreme Court believes the answer is yes. And the court has upheld its own controversial ruling that Pfizer […]can be sued by an Alabama man who claimed he was injured by a generic version of its Reglan heartburn medicine
Chevron has resources most companies do not have, but its recent victory may signal to other businesses that using the civil RICO framework developed by the FBI and applied by the Justice Department is more effective than bowing to intimidation.
The law is geared not so much to address inequality as to make it easy to sue businesses for discrimination without proof. While it’s an open question as to whether these maneuvers may save the Democrats in the midterm elections, allowing this bill to pass would result in a windfall for trial lawyers.