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What's it like to find out the government has been spying on you? -

Fraley has learned, in general, what the investigators of the illegal campaign finance investigation secretly seized. They got PDFs of his tax returns, his online passwords, all of his personal health records and those of his oldest daughter, credit card statements, and more. “In short, they sought and (thanks to a judge who didn’t scrutinize the request) they received everything emailed by or to me for nearly four years. All over a suspected violation of campaign finance law, which has subsequently been determined by the court to be based on a flawed interpretation of state law,” Fraley wrote.

Hmmm: Trump to do townhall in Green Bay with … Chris Matthews? « Hot Air

Graul believes immigration will be a “messy” issue in 2016, but that it might not break the way conservatives expect. This is due in part to the needs of the Green Bay industrial core, but it also the dairy farms in the rural parts of Brown County. “You’ve got a dairy industry that would cease to exist without immigrants working on these dairy farms,” he says. “You’ve got food processing industry, particularly the meat packing industry, that would have to shutter its doors without immigrant labor.” In Brown, the Republicans on the farms and the Democrats in the city may actually swap the traditional positions on immigration. The family farm has changed, and it takes outside labor to make it work. “You can’t make it work anymore on thirty cows,” Graul explains. “So farms are getting bigger to survive, and they’re getting bigger and bigger. And they need workers on those farms, and they’re not going to find that from white kids coming out of Bay Port High School. They’re finding it in immigrant labor.”

Christian Schneider - Republicans shouldn't give up on cities

It's a mistake for Republicans to treat cities with smarmy derision. America is not, as Thomas Jefferson had hoped, an agrarian society where individuals live off the land. Trash-talking cities simply feeds the perception that Republicans are averse to culture, diversity and progress.

To Packers' Rodgers, chanting at prep games is one of the 'fun-da-men-tals' - Green Bay Packers Blog- ESPN

I think we’re, as a society, dying a little bit each day if we’re not only dumbing down our masses but we’re also limiting the things that we can say. ‘Air ball’ and ‘scoreboard,’ from a chant standpoint, in 2001 when I was in the stands watching my high school basketball team, that’s like the ground floor of stuff we would say.

Teresa Halbach's Second Victimization - Right Wisconsin - Conservative politics and perspective powered by Charlie Sykes

This time, Halbach is nothing more than a plot device so arm chair detectives binging on Netflix over a weekend can focus more on conspiracies they can’t prove, but “know” exist. For many, Teresa Halbach is just a catalyst to their latest round of amateur CSI or arm chair attorney on either reddit or Twitter than the actual victim of a crime.

We ‘the Sheeple’ - WSJ

In June 2014, Mr. Schmitz’s attorney, Randall Crocker, issued a statement saying that Governor Walker was not a target of the investigation into campaign finance coordination. “You just lied to the press,” Mr. Falk wrote in an email to Mr. Schmitz, copying Mr. Kennedy, others at the GAB and Milwaukee DA John Chisholm. “See the attached ‘target’ sheets from our search warrant and subpoena meeting. I see ‘SW’ right up there near the top on Page 1. Is there someone else that has those initials?”

Best Beers in America - The Best States for Beer Lovers - Oregon and California Top Our List

But the Brothers Leinenkugel are statewide icons, New Glarus’ Spotted Cow is the first beer referenced by cheeseheads everywhere (even though nobody can get it outside the state), the baseball team’s name is the damn Brewers, and there used to be an urban legend that Miller Park’s taps were fueled by a beer pipe that ran directly from the brewery.