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Alicia Keys is done playing nice. Your phone is getting locked up at her shows now. - The Washington Post

“In this day and age, my phone is how I keep my memory,” said Gerard Little, 24. “Chris Brown. Jason Derulo. I have their footage on my phone. If you don’t want your music heard, then don’t perform it.”

Next Twitter boss faces complex challenges, says departing Dick Costolo | Technology | The Guardian

“I will say directly that I think regulation is a threat to free speech,” he said. “I can’t think of an example where regulation didn’t have unintended consequences and I’m unable to conceive of a regulatory body that will be swift enough to deal with the constantly evolving issues of ethics, communication and technology. I just don’t think it’s possible.”

What is the difference between artificial and natural flavors? - Scientific American

There is little substantive difference in the chemical compositions of natural and artificial flavorings. They are both made in a laboratory by a trained professional, a "flavorist," who blends appropriate chemicals together in the right proportions. The flavorist uses "natural" chemicals to make natural flavorings and "synthetic" chemicals to make artificial flavorings. The flavorist creating an artificial flavoring must use the same chemicals in his formulation as would be used to make a natural flavoring, however. Otherwise, the flavoring will not have the desired flavor.