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How a Gawker-Affiliated Website Made ESPN Politically Correct - WSJ

Rather than sue Mr. Denton’s bullying internet pirates into submission the way tech billionaire Peter Thiel did, ESPN chose to acquiesce and adopt progressive ideology and diversity as groundbreaking business innovations. ESPN is the exact network Deadspin desired. It’s diverse on its surface, progressive in its point of view, and more concerned with spinning media narratives than with the quality of its product.

D'Amato: No silver lining in Packers' loss

So desperate was defensive coordinator Dom Capers to stem the bleeding that on one play late in the first quarter he dropped nine into coverage and rushed two – and Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan still completed a 16-yard pass to Mohamed Sanu. When your nine can’t cover their five, it’s going to be a long day.

To Packers' Rodgers, chanting at prep games is one of the 'fun-da-men-tals' - Green Bay Packers Blog- ESPN

I think we’re, as a society, dying a little bit each day if we’re not only dumbing down our masses but we’re also limiting the things that we can say. ‘Air ball’ and ‘scoreboard,’ from a chant standpoint, in 2001 when I was in the stands watching my high school basketball team, that’s like the ground floor of stuff we would say.
Did all of the additional equipment given to football players through the years, supposedly for player safety, actually make the American style of football less safe than it would be if, like rugby, it had eschewed protective equipment through the years?
The Lakers received a $3 billion, 20-year TV deal with Time Warner Cable in 2012. If the Clippers can get a new TV deal close to that, and assuming that the league’s next national TV deal pays significantly more than the current $30 million per year that each team now receives, then the Clippers’ TV revenue alone supports much of Ballmer’s $2 billion price.
“The five big conferences will have complete authority and the NCAA will be figuring out how to fund the millions of dollars of judgments against it that await.”
With that, say hello to the team tied with the most victories in all of baseball, with five players producing at least 40 RBI, a catcher (Jonathan Lucroy) who might not make the All-Star team but could be the MVP favorite, and an unheralded starting rotation that has missed one start.Yep, the Brewers, 51-33, who have the biggest division lead in baseball.The Brewers, who finished 23 games out of first a year ago at 74-88, posted the best first half in franchise history while sitting in first all but four days this season."You can look back at baseball every year," Melvin says, "and something always unexpected happens."