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What If Stalin Had Computers? | The New Republic

It’s fun to imagine how we could do better than capitalism if we all decided to, especially if no one had to worry about creating and maintaining false scarcity around info-tech goods. The best existing example I can think of for the kind of efficiencies Mason predicts is the difference between Netflix and Popcorn Time. Netflix is, of course, the $28 billion media streaming company with over 2000 employees. Popcorn Time is a legally shady alternative that streams media torrents over a clean ad-less interface. It’s a functional and free alternative, what economists would call a replacement good. Popcorn Time makes no money, and has a staff of 20 around the world who volunteer their labor part-time. Netflix is (as a streaming company) a near-total waste of time. Those 2000-plus workers could be developing a nutritious Slurpee and designing a distribution infrastructure. Or babysitting. Hell, they could be lowering the collective labor burden enough so everyone has time to masturbate one extra time a year, and it would still be more socially useful than charging rent for access to digital content.

It's Robert's Fault: Absolutely Nothing: A Veteran’s Savage Indictment of the Iraq War | Americans Against the Tea Party

When I was facing the draft back in the 60's my father would lecture me on the importance of stopping communists in their tracks before they took over all of Asia.  His words echo in my head every time I see a shirt or coat made by one of those "little commie slaves" at Sears, or where ever. And the folks who sent me followed it up with sending a well-paying union job to destroy communism ith a sewing machine.

Why we should give free money to everyone

Legend has it that while Henry Ford II was giving a tour around a new, fully automatic factory to union leader Walter Reuther in the 1960s, Ford joked: 'Walter, how are you going to get those robots to pay your union dues?' Reuther is said to have replied: 'Henry, how are you going to get them to buy your cars?'