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New Republic

It’s become fairly clear, and I hope not just to me, that white people in this country have gone crazy. Granted, an apocalyptic belief in the final, definitive loss of 400 or so years of economic and cultural supremacy will do that to you—the fall has been long in coming; masters of the universe should’ve been better prepared. Instead, they act stunned. And to cope with that loss, as well as to cope with the fearmongering of Fox News and right-wing talk radio, which promises them Muslim terrorists in every closet and under every bed, they—or an insanely significant cohort—seem to have given themselves over to the worst sort of race-baiting and anti-immigrant nativism, under the guise of making or keeping America “great,” which is to say, making or keeping America “white.”

The Mean Progressive: Dear MNSBC: I Am Done!

When MSNBC finally determined to get back to its programming, what was the audience offered? Commentary on the Trump rally. Yep. For 20 full minutes. We saw it. Thanks. The whole goddamned thing. We don't need it rehashed for us. He didn't actually say anything. The last 5 minutes of the show Hayes gave us a glimpse into a rally for Bernie Sanders this evening. That was newsworthy. The audience from the left would have really found it interesting to hear the speech Bernie Sanders gave to Liberty University. This is, after all, the most Liberal of our candidates in the most fuckered up setting on the planet for him. Liberty University is the place that teaches their students the absolute opposite of the actual New Testament Bible (am I the only one who wonders if they missed the whole bit about why they are called 'Christians'?) while finding new groups of people to condemn and hold judgement over with every election cycle. That would have been a very interesting rally to hear about. But MSNBC thought we needed to devote the hour to Donald Trump and the speech he has given repeatedly where he has said nothing.