henry copeland:

Mike Butcher thinks Facebook is fried

Extremely close to giving up on Facebook as a place where any kind of rational debate can happen. That sounds extreme. Let me explain my thinking. The early days of Twitter were pretty good but that's all done now, and the limitation of 140 characters says it all. It's also full to the brim with trolls (as I found during the Referendum). Is use it as a way to announce things. It's very tough to have much of a debate on. Facebook allows for longer pieces but I've seen simple posts descend into multiple sub-threads of arguments. The trigger is now too easily pulled and I'm as guilty as anyone, because the medium is just too easy to hit post on. The 'original' social media was blogging. Someone would write a post which would appear in an RSS feed. Maybe there might be the ability to comment. But before comment platforms you had to reply with your own blog post, which would ping the original you were replying to. "Blog fights" like this would continue over days, perhaps weeks. The responses detailed and closely argued. The slowness afforded real thinking. Perhaps Medium is gradually getting there - at least you can follow people and read longer pieces which follow an argument. I may use their app more, come to think of it. When Ev created Medium I thought he was crazy. Now I'm starting to see the potential. As for myself I'm going to check myself from here on to TRY and reply in a slower, better thought out manner. I may save a post and reply when I'm on a desktop instead of trying to reply on a mobile which makes you want to get it out quickly and not think too hard. We live in very strange times now, and we (and I include myself) need to tack back towards rationality, civility and a kind of 'slow thinking' our ancestors possessed but which modernity has lost touch with.
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