New: Pullquote powers quote-centric newsletters

If you’re a collector of quotes, factoids, info-nuggets and stats, Pullquote’s tagging functionality makes it easy to archive and retrieve all that cool stuff.

Now Pullquote is offering a way for you to share those gems with others and perhaps become famous within Pullquote’s ecosystem of quote fanatics.

Here’s what you need to know:

1) As an added benefit of using Pullquote to save and share quotes, other people now can subscribe to an e-mail update containing any quote you’ve assigned a specific tag to.

2) Likewise, you can get an e-mail when people you admire finds a specific quote. So, for example, you can get an e-mail when I tag a pullquote with “neurons,” a current fascination mine.  Or when Sean Hackbarth tags a quote with “politics.”

This functionality, which we’ve provisionally named Quotecast, replaces Twitter’s 5000 PSI fire hose and Facebook’s mysterious swirling content waterfall with an eye-dropper, doling out doses of exactly the right content once a day.  (Or less, if there’s no quotes tagged in a given do.)

3) Or you can subscribe to all of someone’s quotes.

4) Now here’s where it gets interesting for you, an early adopter of Pullquote’s tagging functionality. If you’re currently a Pullquote user, you’ll see that we’re recommending certain Pullquoter’s feeds. We’re doing this based on who does a particularly good job of tagging quotes… which means you could be a star as Pullquote grows.

So get to tagging, and we’ll put your feeds in our recommendations!