Users do the darndest things

One of the fun things about creating a new tool is discovering that people find lots of unexpected ways to use it.

We thought Pullquote would be most used by people looking to quickly tweet out a link to a particular data-filled paragraph or particularly salient (or egregious) sentence.streaming movie The Circle 2017Boyka: Undisputed IV 2017 film download

That’s happening, but some users report they’re even more excited about other twists:

  • a minister writes that Pullquote “works well for my theology discussion group because it allows me to share a quote that is like a teaser and then gets them to click on the link for the rest of the article.”
  • an editor said that he used Pullquote to flag a tiny error in a published article to another editor.
  • one user LOVES the infographic-like quotebox that we create between the link and the ultimate source page. (In fact, he thought that was the entire game for a while.)
  • one user reports that the specificity of Pullquote links helps settle (or at least advance) arguments in a political forum.