Students use Pullquote to improve online research

Since the dawn of personal computers, students have conducted research projects by dumping copy/pasted quotes and facts into an electronic document, mostly using Word or Gdocs these days. At a some point, the enthusiastically accumulated research often becomes chaotic and overwhelming.

The days of dumping quotes into a Gdoc may be over. While many on Twitter use Pullquote to tweet out longer quotes, a happy sub-community of students and teachers has discovered that Pullquote’s “file” functionality makes research projects simpler and more productive.

We’re happy to hear that two classes of high school sophomores in Hillsborough, North Carolina, recently streamlined their research for a school project using Pullquote.

“It ended up being a lot faster for them than ‘taking notes,’” said Kay Cee Butcher, who taught the Honors English classes. “They were pulling quotes that they thought would be helpful to include in their paper (the direct quote) and also ideas that they wanted to paraphrase/information they needed to include.”

“Pullquote was easy to use, exactly what I had been looking for to help students organize their thoughts and findings for their research papers,” Butcher said. Pullquote simplified the storage, annotation, categorization, and retrieval of online text.

After highlighting a sentence or paragraph, student could comment on and file their text nuggets in one or more categories. Accessed through a browser, each category’s quotations could later be retrieved on a laptop, tablet or even mobile phone. Butcher monitored students’ progress by watching the stream of quotes and comments they were compiled.

The students were researching papers about injustice beyond US borders. Surveyed after the project ended, Butcher’s 31 students said Pullquote had a significant impact on their work:

77% said Pullquote improved their research
68% said Pullquote improved their organization
22% said Pullquote improved their concentration
19% said Pullquote improved their reading

If you’re a teacher using Pullquote to boost student study or reading skills, we’d love to hear from you!