Rejuvenated Pullquote, now for Facebook too

Seven years after Pullquote launched, there’s STILL nothing out there that performs its handy functions so simply.

So we’ve been fixing bugs, upgrading hardware, and updating the code powering Pullquote’s Chrome extension. The original functionality remains free: quickly tweet a quote—with a swipe and two clicks—rather than flipping back and forth between tabs, paraphrasing text and copy/pasting a URL⁠. As a bonus, extension users can immediately locate a quote on a long page.

We apologize for neglecting Pullquote while building AdBiblio, Racery, and WhichWorksBest. They’re all solid and earning money. To ensure Pullquote is also supported going forward, we’re adding a Pullquote Pro package with extra features for power users. These extra features ($40/year or $4/month) include:

  • Pullquoting from multiple Twitter accounts,
  • scheduling a tweet,
  • shortening a Pullquote and adjusting its font or color,
  • filing and indexing quotes,
  • and⁠—our most requested feature⁠—quickly Pullquoting to Facebook! 

Again, you’re welcome to use Pullquote’s core “tweet a quote” functionality for free.  Please give us feedback about future improvements you’d like to see. You can get the extension here.

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