Share and save quotes!

Pullquote makes it easy to:

  • Tweet quotes: With just a few clicks, tweet out a full quote rather than a paraphrase. (Pro users: edit quotes, schedule tweets, tweet from multiple accounts, or customize fonts or colors.)
  • Link to specific text: Why share a generic link into a long article? Use Pullquote to direct people to a specific quote in its context.
  • Collect quotes: Pullquote simplifies collecting, annotating and indexing great quotes you find online — helpful whether you’re researching a book, preparing for class project or stashing quotes about a favorite topic. (Pro users.)
  • Share niche content: Skip the firehose! Pullquote lets your fans and colleagues subscribe to a custom newsletter of your Pullquotes on a single topic… #sailing, #microbiome, #NYJets… whatever! (Pro users.)
[December, 2019: We've completed an overhaul of the underlying code and servers, and fixed a bunch of bugs along the way. In the future, the new Pro package helps us prioritize maintenance and new development work!]