henry copeland: Durham NC cops push informant to convince a 61-year-old janitor to sell her $20 of crack. pllqt.it/orJC3W
During Burrage's initial walk through the complex, she spoke through the microphone to the police officers, frustrated that she didn't recognize anybody in the parking lot. "Nobody," she muttered. "I'm gonna knock on this person's door." Morgan greeted her inside. "What's up?" he said enthusiastically. "Have a seat!" Burrage explained she couldn't stay and asked Morgan where she could score drugs. She said she was working as a middle-man for another buyer interested in the Duke Manor market. Morgan couldn't suggest anyone in the complex that would sell to Burrage. But he admitted he had his own small stash. "I just keep it around the house," he said. "I'll show you what it look like." Inside his bedroom, Morgan showed Burrage drugs that aren't very distinguishable on the video. Morgan had been drinking that day and suggested that Burrage get high with him. She wasn't interested. "I'm not trying to get in trouble," she said, leaving. "Sorry about that, guys," she told the police officers through the microphone as she walked across the parking lot. When she returned to the police truck, she explained Morgan was not a dealer; nonetheless, police sent her back out to score drugs from him. Upon her arrival, Morgan suggested that she buy drugs from someone living on the floor above him. Burrage went upstairs, but the man at that apartment had no drugs to sell her. Burrage returned to Morgan's place. There is no footage of a drug transaction on the video. But when she reunited with the police officers, they searched her and found a bag of crack; she didn't have the $20 they had given her. An SBI analyst later determined that the crack amounted to one-tenth of a gram.
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