Micro bookmarking

Towards the end of a very productive brainstorming session yesterday, Kelly tossed out the phrase “micro bookmarking” to describe what Pullquotes does.

Some Googling┬áreveals that the phrase has been used before, in particular by a (now-defunct) service called Youblr, but never in the sense of “linking directly to a specific passage.”

Introducing Pullquotes

Update on 1/15. The per-site functionality described in this post is on hold. We’re currently focused on browser-side functionality (Chrome and Firefox extensions plus bookmarklets for everyone else) that works on any site.

Ever wish your site’s readers could link directly to a specific sentence or paragraph?

Pullquotes solves that problem. To see how this works, copy-paste any text on this page and you’ll see how a link gets generated.

Click on qote.me/pq/cgxnEf to sample what happens when a link created by the pullquote tool gets clicked.

And if you go to this page you’ll see another Pullquotes utility: a stream of passages that have been tweeted or copied from a particular site, in case the Blogads blog. Continue reading