New Pullquote functionality: quoting images

Today we released a new version of Pullquote (0.6.3), making it easy for you to grab and tweet a section of a photo or graphic.

Here’s an example of the result:

The functionality is available to people with the newest Pullquote Chrome extension or bookmarklet. To turn on the function, click the pullquote icon in your navigation bar and select “Picture Sharing.” Once this is done, you’ll see a Pullquote icon appear in the bottom right corner of any image you mouse over.

pullquote icon

Clicking the icon highlights that image.

pullquote image click drag

By clicking, dragging and releasing you can then select a section of the image.

pullquote image tweet

Click Tweet, add some text and you’re done. Logan film trailer

Pullquote image in tweet stream

The resulting tweet will contain the image you’ve created, together with a link to the source site. (Make the image a minimum of 475 pixels wide x 180 pixels tall to be sure it shows up automatically in your followers’ Twitter feeds.)

Again, this is a beta feature. If you do experience any issues, or want to give us some feedback, please send us a message at

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