Features in Pullquote Chrome version 0.5.6

Pullquote 0.5.6, which improve functionality for the Chrome extension and Pullquote.com, includes some small but vital tweaks to make Pullquote more intuitive. (Similar changes are the Firefox queue, awaiting Mozilla approval.)

To address readers’ concerns about redundancy, a shadow box will no longer appear if the referring tweet already includes the target text. Click on the link in this tweet to see this happen. (Actually, “not happen,” since you’ll go through to the destination page as with a normal click on any other link.) download The Shack movie

A longer quote or a quote containing text that hasn’t been tweeted will still be shadowboxed, allowing pullquoters to continue to call out key text for celebration or derision. To give readers more context and to expose related chunks of text already quoted by the Pullquoter, topic names have been added added at the bottom of the shadowbox. A topic relating to more than one quote will be clickable. Here’s an example.

We’ve also removed comments from shadowboxes because people have not been interacting at that level. (Seems obvious, since only 1 in 1000 people leave comments anywhere online, and most links get just 5-50 clicks.) However, comments remain on the individual quote page (like this), since this is most likely to be where people interested in a particular topic will congregate and try to engage with each other.

Finally, the URL structure for member’s streams is simpler. For example, Stowe Boyd’s quote feed is now located at pullquote.com/stoweboyd.

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